Breakfast Club


£2.00 per pupil

Free* for Pupil Premium eligible pupils


150 pupils

Minimum Attendance

Flexible for paying families.


Full, 5-days-a-week attendance required for pupils receiving free* spaces

Opening hours

07:45am to 08:45am


Paying parents must book and pay by 12pm the Friday before.


Pupil Premium-eligible pupils must commit to attending every day of the week for at least a term.


A selection of freshly prepared cooked or continental breakfast

Last entry


Waiting lists


Funded by

  • Families
  • The school
  • Pupil Premium funding*


*The school will allocate Pupil Premium funding from the government to pay for this support.

Breakfast Club runs for a full hour - from 7.45am to 8.45am. The school will be allocates up to 40 free places for children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding. These children must attend breakfast club 5 days per week for at least one school term. We will use our Pupil Premium funding from the government to pay for this support.

What is Pupil Premium?

Each child who is entitled to Pupil Premium funding provides the school with £1,320 per year to support the teaching and learning of those children. If you think your child might be eligible, or would like to find out more, please speak to the front office.

Please note that £2 per day does not cover the full cost to the school; Little Mead will still be subsiding the costs for paying parents.


The Menu

Children can choose between:





Bacon sandwich


with margarine, jam, or marmite.



Scrambled eggs on toast

English Muffins



Baked beans on toast



Sausage sandwich




Fry-up (bacon, sausage, beans, toast)

Banana, Apple, Pear, Clementine, Raisins

Strawberry or raspberry

and a drink of their choice

and a drink of their choice




DRINKS AVAILABLE: Water, milk, fruit juices (orange or apple)


How to Apply for a Place

Please complete a ‘Joining Our Breakfast Club’ form and return to the front office.

You will be contacted by the school once your request has been processed.

If applicable, you must book and pay for your child’s space for the scheme by 12pm on the Friday before the first session.


Breakfast Club Rules and Guidelines

  • The Breakfast Club is available for pupils in Reception through to Year 6.
  • Doors open at 7.45am and close at 8.15am.
  • The Breakfast Club does not operate on a ‘drop-in’ basis. If you have not booked and paid for a place for your child/your child has not been allocated a place, they will be turned away.
  • The school’s behaviour policy is followed throughout breakfast club. Children who consistently fail to follow the behaviour policy will be removed from the register. If the school has concerns, you will be contacted by a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).
  • Paying parents will not be refunded for missed sessions.
  • If your child is entitled to a free place and misses three sessions per term of Breakfast Club, they will be removed from the register and placed at the bottom of the list. If your child misses a session because of authorised absence from school (illness, medical appointment), this will not be counted.
  • The school reserves the right to allow children to attend Breakfast Club in exceptional circumstances. In the interests of child protection and confidentiality, no information about the reasons behind the allocations of spaces will be shared with parents or other pupils. If you have any concerns, please see Mrs Sanday – the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Waiting Lists

  • The Breakfast Club has a maximum capacity of 150 children. Of those 150 children, 40 free places are reserved for Pupil Premium eligible children. The remaining 110 places are allocated to paying parents on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • All 40 places for non-paying and 110 places for paying parents are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.