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The Reading Cubs are back!

6th November 2020



Lasani, our school library Reading Lion, is ready for his cubs to come to your homes again.

  • The lion cubs are Reading Cubs and only come home to listen to children read aloud.
  • If you are given a Reading Cub to take home you need to read to him or her each evening and record it in the special reading record. They also like hearing stories at bedtime from the grown-ups.
  • The Reading Cubs will be given out on a Monday and MUST be returned on the Friday to have a rest for 3 days.
  • There are three new additions to the family: Peach, Cocoa and Matilda.


Matilda ran off when the photo was being taken

so there’s only 8 cubs here!

Reception NW: Cocoa

Reception ME: Peach

Y1 LH: James

Y1 DB/TN: Honey

Y2 AG: Sophie

Y2 SW: Charlie

Y2 MB: Matilda

Y3 RS: George

Y3 JM: Danny 



Here they are with their name collars on.




Welcome to the three new additions.