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Local MP Visit

23rd May 2018


This term, Year 6 children had the opportunity to meet our local Labour MP, Mr Darren Jones, who represents the Bristol North West constituency.  In readiness for his visit, a group of children discussed the role of our elected officials and identified some pertinent questions to ask him. These included questions such as:

  • How are you going to make sure that by the time we are 18 we can afford to go to University?
  • Would you cut funding to plastic producing companies to help reduce the ocean pollution?
  • Why isn’t the Government funding electric public transport so that we can reduce pollution in the cities?
  • Why aren’t there enough police on the streets to stop the increase in knife crime?

Following his visit, children were asked for their thoughts and opinion based on what they had heard. Here are some of their thoughts and observations:

  • Darren Jones answered all our questions and explained the meaning of some complex words and ideas like: austerity, Brexit, debate and budget constraints.
  • I found out that he wanted to decrease the amount of fossil fuels used to power public transport. 
  • Our local MP talked to us about how to be more environmentally friendly and said he wants university to be affordable for us.
  • Even though some of our questions were contentious, Mr Darren Jones answered all of them and helped our understanding of politics.