The 2016 Ofsted Report rated the Early Years Foundation Stage Provision as Outstanding

Here are some quotes from the Report.

‘The Early Years Foundation Stage provides children with an exceptionally strong start to school life. The rich environment and high-quality teaching provide the children with a successful blend of learning through exploration, play and small-group work.’

‘They begin every day by greeting children and their parents; this ensures that a very strong bond develops between home and school.’

‘Teaching staff in the Early Years Foundation Stage understand very well how young children learn, and provide them with a wide range of exciting activities which develop their curiosity and love of learning. For example, teachers use favourite stories, such as ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ extremely well to help the children grasp key mathematical vocabulary, such as ‘full and empty’ and ‘below and above’. It also encourages them to demonstrate their early mark-making skills.’

‘Teachers and teaching assistants work seamlessly together and enjoy exceptionally positive relationships with the children. They work skilfully alongside the children, modelling learning and posing questions to stimulate the children’s thinking. This enables the youngsters to thrive and develop very well in the safe and secure environment.’

‘Children’s behaviour in the Early Years Foundation Stage is impeccable. Routines are extremely well established and consistently applied by all staff. The safety of every child is paramount and this is clearly reflected in the vigilance of the well-trained staff. Parents are delighted with how quickly their children settle into school and with the excellent education they receive. One parent explained that she has ‘found the staff to be friendly and kind and feels respected and encouraged as a co-educator’


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