PSHE and Thrive

The children at Little Mead love PSHE.  PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education.  We teach PSHE through a scheme of work called Jigsaw.  This is the second year that we will be following the scheme.

You may hear your child talk frequently talk about Jigsaw as it is taught each week by our very skilled Teaching Assistants and cover Teachers whilst they are covering the Class Teachers PPA time. We also have a Jigsaw teddy that works in each class, for example, Jigsaw Jack in our Year One classes.

Jigsaw still covers all the key themes that we have always taught during PSHE lessons such as relationships, keeping healthy and changes but instead of having to teach standalone life skills lessons, such as road safety and keeping safe in the sun, they are now all incorporated into the scheme. 

Jigsaw lessons are taught from Year One all the way to Year Six and the structure of the lessons are all very similar.   The lessons start with a warm up activity, which often is a game to get the children working together.  Then the children will complete a calm me activity where they will have the opportunity to sit quietly and practice some ‘Mindfulness’.  Schools are very busy places and at Little Mead we feel it is so important that the children have the opportunity to sit quietly and relax to calm them and open their minds ready for the start of these lesson. The children will then participate in a lesson based on something quite specific and then will have the opportunity to complete a follow up activity linked to this learning.  This is not always recorded in their Jigsaw Journals as often the focus leans itself to more of an active way of learning.

The six key themes covered over the academic year are; Being Me in My World, Celebrating Difference, Going for Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships and Changing Me.

If you would like any more information on Jigsaw please speak to your child’s Class Teacher or Teaching Assistant.

Below are some links that contain more detailed information about PSHE and Jigsaw:

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