Nursery Resources

To help your child with their learning at home we have put a selection of resources together.

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Remember that the Foundation Stage syllabus is made of 7 areas, each one is as important as another.


Physical Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development Mathematics

Physical Development

Take your child out for a play and a walk in the park.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Have friends round so that your child can get used to sharing.


Remember you do not have to use large numbers to help your child. Let them count the applies in the bowl, or find 3 spoons when laying the table.

Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design Literacy

Understanding the World

Remember to let your child explore everything you see together. Visit different places in the local area.

 Expressive Art & Design

Look around outside and paint and draw. Use chalks outside and make pictures with leaves and natural objects.


Read to your child. Visit the library. Talk about well-known stories and traditional fairy tales. Sing favourite songs and finger rhymes.

  Communication and Language  

Communication and Language

Encourage your child to talk and ask questions. Join your child in pretend play to allow them to develop language.




Nursery BooksPlease remember to collect your child's reading folder from the classroom each day.

Please let your child hold the book and turn the pages.

After you have read the book to your child talk about the pictures and the story.

Change the book as often as you would like and please fill in the reading record.



Useful Links and Downloads

The Communication Trust have recently produced four films to help parents encourage their children’s communication development. The films are full of useful advice on how parents can encourage their child to talk and interact with them. There are 4 films, divided in age groups, for parents who have children up to the age of 3.