RE and Collective Worship

Religious Education

At Little Mead Academy Religious Education is covered from Foundation Stage through to Year 6 and is monitored in a range of ways. The academy believes that Religious Education should provide a contemporary study of religion, preparing children for later life. The academy bears in mind that the British Isles is a multi-cultural nation which has Christianity as the main religion of the indigenous population. As well as Christianity, children learn about Judaism, Islam and Hinduism and how to respect the faith of others. They learn about sacred writings, places of worship, beliefs and traditions as well as many other faith characteristics. The children are involved in trips and meet religious visitors to enhance their learning experience.  Respect, tolerance and understanding for the beliefs of others are promoted as part of our teaching. Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw children from religious lessons and daily worship in assemblies but it must be understood that such activities make a contribution to cross-curricular objectives pursued during the course of the school week.

As a school we love to hear about your child and their experiences. Please feel free to encourage your child to bring in any photos or souvenirs from any religious festivals they have taken part in to share with the rest of the class.


Collective Worship

At Little Mead Academy, we aim to build the spiritual life of our school community through Collective Worship.  Through assemblies we aim to offer the children a spiritual dimension to their lives and relationships and heighten sensitivity to the ‘lasting concerns’ of life. Worship is the place where we make clear what we believe and it provides the opportunity to reflect together on those values and concerns that underpin the life of our school.  Worship is a celebration of ‘things of worth’. These are placed within the ‘Broadly Christian’ context, but affirm the faith of all those in the school community.