E-Safety Parents' Zone

The internet has become a part of our everyday lives. We use it daily as a tool to improve teaching and learning, to access information from around the world, to talk to friends and to help with our work. It is an immense environment offering a wealth of resources that benefit us all.

However, it is essential that we all learn how to behave responsibly online both at home and at school.  At Little Mead Primary Academy we take this matter very seriously, following government advice on best practice. All children across the school are taught E-Safety termly and we also take part in the national Safer Internet Day in February each year.


Safer Internet Day 2021


Safer Internet Day 2021 is celebrated globally on Tuesday 9th February 2021 with the slogan “together for a better internet." 

At Little Mead we are members of Parenting in the Digital Age (or PitDA for short) which is a new programme to helps parents to apply their parenting skills to the online world.

Don’t worry; PitDA takes a simple, straightforward approach, so you don’t have to be a technical expert.

There are three areas to think about:

WHO your child is talking to
WHAT they’re doing
WHERE they’re going online

We will be holding an event for parents to provide information and support on how to help keep children safe online. In the meantime, to find out more about The Parent Zone, click on the link below:



Do you want age specific guidance and advice for you child?
Do you want to know how to set privacy and parental controls on devices that your child uses?
Do you want expert advice on a wide range of internet safety issues?

If so, Vodafone provide a fantastic website  which covers all of the issues above and many more!

← Click here to find out more.


There is a large amount of information for parents online. Please help us to support your children by looking at some of the websites below:

think you know logo UK safer inteenet centre logo
Childnet International logo NSPCC


As a school, we self-assess our E-safety polices, infrastructure and the way in which we teach pupils about E-safety. We continually look for ways to improve E-safety across the school. We have received these certificates from 360 degree safe (https://360safe.org.uk/) to show our commitment to E-safety.