Year 4


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Term 4


This term the children will be experimenting with electricity. They will exploring conductivity with a range


of electrical devices, finding out about insulators and conductors. They will also have the opportunity to create simple circuits using components such as bulbs, buzzers and motors. They will investigate static electricity using balloons and observe patterns in bulb brightness. In addition, each child will learn about the importance of electrical safety throughout the topic and show their progression by creating a model lighthouse. We are lucky enough to have Bristol Bears taking our PE sessions this term, with a focus on tag rugby and healthy lifestyles. Remember your kit!


Term 3

Y4_t3This term the children will be finding out about life in Israel. They will also have opportunities to sample a range of Israeli cuisine. Following the topic of Israel, the children will create artwork inspired by the Israeli artist Betty Rubinstein which will be showcased at the end of term for International Day! We hope to see you there!

In Science, the children will learn about the different ways sound can travel and identify ways of changing pitch and volume. In computing, the children will learn about how to stay safe on the internet.


Term 2

The focus this term is Science & DT. We will be learning about different states of matter. The children will also be designing and making an insulator to prevent heat loss, linked to our learning about insulators and conductors. We also be learning about the water cycle and trying to understand where rain comes from. In English next term, we will be reading ‘Leon and the Place Between’ and we will be completing some art work linked to the beautiful illustrations within the book.

If you want to further your learning at home, you could visit the following websites ask Miss Franklin or Mr Pilkington for advice on extra homework:

Term 1

Y4 T1 Our Island NationThis term’s focus is History and our fascinating topic of World War 2. We will be finding out about evacuation, the Blitz and rationing. In our English lessons we will be reading a book called The Lion and the Unicorn which focuses on a young boy who is evacuated to the countryside during WW2. We will also be researching and writing about the various leaders of the allies and axis powers. To find out more about World War 2 at home, have a look at the following websites: