Year 2


Mr Walton

Miss Gray

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bath, Mrs Clark and Miss Lyons

Welcome to Year 2!

We have an exciting year ahead, with lots of great opportunities for learning both in and outside of the classroom including a trip to the SS Great Britain in the Autumn Term. Throughout the year the children are encouraged to become independent thinkers, develop a good attitude towards their work and maintain positive relationships with staff and their peers.

Year 2 Downloads and Resources:


Term 5

We hope you have enjoyed the Easter holidays and are ready for the term ahead. It is jammed packed with lots of consolidating and opportunities to master aspects of the curriculum, in preparation for SATs.

This term is an art focus with the emphasis on nature. We will be exploring the forest school and choosing a single area to focus our attention to create sketches and paintings. Additionally, children will explore the anatomy of various animals to create mixed media paintings.

In literacy this term, we will be reading a range of books including Mr Underbed and The Twits, again please do not read the book before as we don’t want to ruin the element of surprise. Children will explore the characters in the story and learn to innovate texts, write diary entries and produce alternative endings.

In maths, children will recap the methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and apply their knowledge through problem solving questions. As well as this, children will continue to complete practical measuring activities and accurately record units of measure.   

Term 4

y2_t4(4)Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term.

Term 4 will be packed with exciting learning opportunities for everyone to enjoy! We will be retelling traditional tales, learning poems for the upcoming poetry day and producing work linked to Yours Sincerely, Giraffe. Like before, please don’t read the book at home as it spoils the element of surprise! We will also be celebrating Book Week in week 2. In maths, we will be focusing on data handling, multiplication and division and applying what we have learned to solve 1-step and 2-step word problems.

Science will be the main focus of this term, where we will explore the idea of movement. Using our knowledge of materials, we will be investigating and discussing the shapes they can be made into.  

It will be a busy term but a brilliant one at that!

Term 3

y2_t3In term 3 we will be reading The Magic finger by Roald Dahl. Please don’t read the book at home as it spoils the element of surprise! In maths, we will be focusing on adding and subtracting, real life money problems, time, estimating and rounding and multiplication. In Geography, we will be studying and researching life in India.  In RE, we are going to walk into the local area and identify the significant buildings and their purposes. Science this term involves studying famous inventors John Dunlop and John McAdam and discussing how their inventions impact on our lives today.



Term 2

y2_t2(2)In Term 2 we will be reading The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. Please don’t read the book at home as it spoils the element of surprise! In Maths we will be focusing on using measure, telling the time, fractions and using addition, subtraction and multiplication to solve problems. Science is the main focus this term with an emphasis on identifying and sorting materials. We will be performing lots of investigations and experiments to identify which materials are most suited to different jobs.