Year 3


Mr Stubbings

Miss Mills

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Britton and Miss Kerr

Year 3 Downloads and Resources:


Term 2

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you had a restful half term and the children are refreshed and ready for another busy term. This is a really exciting 


term for everyone at Little Mead Primary Academy as we are launching our new Endeavour Curriculum. The curriculum will be focused on three core strands: time, technology and human endeavour. These core themes help children to link ideas together and develop an increasing sense of the world and the impact on humans over time, both positively and negatively.

English - This term we will be reading the Cornish tale The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber and Nichola Bayley. We’ll be writing descriptions of the harbour and creating art based upon the wonderful pictures by Nicola Bayley.

Maths - This term our main focus will be on multiplying and dividing. Times tables practice is going to be essential for this – get practising on TT Rockstars!

Geography - Children will be exploring maps and learning to locate Bristol, the UK and other countries in the world. They will be learning about climate zones and the equator. We will study human and physical geography. We will look specifically at Greece in preparation for our History topic next term.

Science - We are looking at the properties of solids, liquids and gases and carrying out experiments to explore how elements move between the three states (melting, boiling and condensation). We will look specifically at evaporation and condensation in relation to the water cycle.

PSHE/Jigsaw - This term our theme will be ‘celebrating difference’. We will look at anti-bullying (including cyber and homophobic bullying) and celebrate how diverse our world is.

PE - Miss Mills’ class: Mondays Mr Stubbings’ class: Tuesdays


Please ensure everyone brings in the correct PE kit. School uniform should be worn into school - children will change into PE kit after lunch break.

Homework:  Weekly, paper copy given out & posted on Dojo.

Reading: children should read at home at least once every day.

Spellings & Times tables: on Dojo, weekly tests.

Term 1

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the new school year! We are all very much looking forward to our exciting year ahead after such a disruptive time. We’ll be working hard to catch up with all the things that the children have missed out on.

In English the children will be reading the true story of a giraffe who travelled from the plains of Africa to meet the King of France! It is very important for your child to read as often as possible at home.

In our Maths lessons the children will be learning about: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies, number bonds, place value, 2D shapes and symmetry, data handling, and lengths and measures.

This term children will be re-visiting key learning that was missed during school closure. This will include PSHE lessons, helping the children to discuss the changes and any worries they may have about COVID and the start of the new year. We will also be covering the SRE unit ‘changing me.’

PE will be: Monday for Ms Mills and on a Tuesday for Mr Stubbings. Children must have correct kit for PE. This is a white t-shirt, a pair of shorts/ jogging trousers and daps or trainers. Long hair needs to be tied back on PE days. All earrings must be removed or taped. Please send PE kits in a named bag.

Date for the diary:

INSET DAY – Friday 25th September

INSET DAY – Friday 9th October

Half term: 24th October – 1st November

We are all looking forward to a productive and exciting first term. If you have any questions or concerns please come and see a member of staff. Thank you for your support.   

Mr Stubbings and Miss Mills & Ms Britton and Ms Kerr.