Year 3


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Welcome to Year 3!

We have an exciting year ahead, with lots of great opportunities for learning both in and outside of the classroom. We will be encouraging the children to become more independent and imaginative learners who take real pride in the work they do. Over the course of the year will explore a range of fascinating topics as well as our mathematics, reading and writing!

The Year 3 school day is a busy one. It starts promptly at 8:45 with our morning work. Please make sure your child is in school for 8:45am so they do not miss any valuable learning time.

Please keep an eye out for future updates throughout the year!

Year 3 Downloads and Resources:


Term 6

y3_t6(5)Term 6 is all set to be an extremely exciting term in Year 3. In English we will be reading Philip Ridley’s absorbing adventure story: Krindlekrax. Linked to this, in Art, we will be designing and making our own Krindlekrax crocodiles!

The term’s topic work will be focused on the environment, with work in science based around plants and how they grow best. In the third week of Term 6 we will also be exploring the natural world through our Maths and Science lessons. What are you doing at home to reduce, reuse and recycle materials?

Term 5

term5(2)Our focus in Term 5 is Art and we have lots of fun and creative lessons lined up for Year 3.

We will be exploring nature through our Art and Science lessons and we will also be learning. Our Art exhibition will take place in Term 6 on June 14th so make sure you come along to see the children’s wonderful artwork from across the school.

During our daily maths hour we will be looking at the four main operations, securing our place value, fractions, angles and positional language and data handling. In our literacy hour we will be exploring a range of texts, starting with E.B White’s classic tale of Charlotte’s Web.   

In science we will be exploring nature, with a focus on the brilliant British biologist Sir David Attenborough.  In RE, we will be learning about creation stories from different religions. In Geography the children will be learning about compass work and mapping.

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a respectful digital citizen? Well, your children will be exploring what this means as well as learning coding on the laptops. In music lessons the children will be exploring musical notation and songs about friendship. 

Term 4

y3_t4We have an exciting term lined up in Year 3 for Term 4 with our topic focus being Forces and Magnets – May the force be with you! We will be learning about how magnets work, their everyday uses and investigating strengths of different magnets. For forces, we will find out how different surfaces impact the movement of objects.

Additionally, Engineering Week begins on 12th March and Year 3 will be designing and building a car.  In English we will be enjoying reading Tales of Wisdom and Wonder followed by The Village That Vanished.  It’s an exciting term for computing as it’s our turn to use the Lego WeDo package. We will be making and programing a goal kicker! During our daily maths hour we will be looking at time, securing our place value, developing our multiplication skills and continuing to add and subtract two and three digit numbers. In art we will be combining our artistic skills and with knowledge from our science topic to create some dynamic artwork.  

Term 3

franceTerm 3 is a geography focused term and Year 3 pupils will be learning all about France. We will be listening to traditional French music as well as learning about the climate, culture and history of one of our closest international neighbours. If you would like to find out more then why not visit:

As part of the whole school topic work we will be celebrating International Day On Thursday 8th February with a special after-school buffet for all. We hope you can join us and if possible, bring a dish to share!

Throughout Term 3 the children will be reading some fantastic stories from authors such as Anne Fine and David Almond. The children will continue with a daily 30 minute guided reading session and spellings will continue to be given out and tested every Monday. A copy of their scores can be found in the classroom. Please keep up the reading and spellings at home!

In our Maths lessons we shall continue working with addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We will also be exploring fractions, money, measurements (including time) and place value. As we continue working with larger numbers we will also be developing our problem solving and reasoning skills by using advanced mathematical language.

Term 2

y3_t2(3)Next term we will be exploring rocks and fossils as part of our Science topic work. In class, we will be investigating the properties and purposes of different rocks and soils. We will also learn how to plan and conduct a fair test for geological investigations. As well as studying rocks, we will be learning lots of fascinating facts about fossils. Do you know how fossils are formed? Check out these websites below to do some research of your own:


Term 1

y3_t1We are really looking forward to this term and will be covering a wide range of topics. In Maths the children will be revising the four operations, learning to recall all multiplication and division facts and applying their knowledge of number facts to solve problems. In English we’ll be starting the year with the story Gregory Cool by Caroline Binch.  Our topic for this term is Roman Britain which will involve finding out about the Romans, designing and making Roman mosaics and an exciting trip to Carleon.

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