Historical and Geographical Understanding


At Little Mead we aim to inspire and develop children as independent learners through enquiry learning. The children are encouraged to ask questions, to interpret historical evidence and to develop opinions. With these new found skills the children become aware of our island’s past and its role in the wider world.

Historical learning at Little Mead is enriched by the many and varied school trips to nearby historical sites providing an opportunity to step into the past. Children are encouraged to share their learning with parents and peers through assemblies and other school events.

Mapping Project Y2

Extra research which children carry out at home (using books from the library or the internet when supported) is encouraged at Little Mead and such homework will be rewarded with house-points. Opportunities to research further can support children’s learning and allow them an opportunity to find answers to any unanswered question they may have.

Here is a website where you can find videos and extra information about topics we study-


Books related to history topics-

  • The Horrible Histories Collection (The Vicious Vikings, The Vile Victorians, The Rotten Romans)
  • War Horse- Michael Morpurgo
  • Private Peaceful- Michael Morpurgo
  • Romans on a Rampage- Jeremy Strong


Our aim at Little Mead is to encourage children to find out more about Southmead, the United Kingdom and the World beyond.  We encourage them to take an interest in environments, communities and cultures within our school, our country and countries around the world.

To support this aim, the children study a Global Connections topic which enables them to discover information about countries near and far.  This topic culminates in a fabulous international day when children can share their learning and a variety of foods with their parents.

This year we have updated our geography teaching to include further skills in reading, drawing and following maps.  An exciting website you can access at home is: http://maps.bristol.gov.uk

Zoom in and find Southmead hospital, Badock’s Wood and our school.  What other features can you find?  Try clicking on the historic information section and find out how an old map of Southmead compares to a modern day map.

We value any input from parents and invite you to share your experiences of living in and around Bristol as well as any different places you may have visited or lived in.