Parents' Forum

Why not come along and have your say? We start the meeting with some positives –‘What’s going well?’ We then move on to ‘What would make things better?’ Over the years we have had some great suggestions from the Parents’ Forum and we have acted on lots of the ideas. The forum is a constructive meeting space for parents. It’s not the place to bring a complaint. There is a formal policy for this but in the first instance any complaint should be brought to the Headteachers or a member of the senior leadership team and we will do our best to resolve it.

Here are some of the topics covered in previous meetings.


6th November 2018

1. Swimming. Parents are keen for swimming to be reintroduced. It was explained that that reason swimming was stopped was due to the length of time spent in the pool was often less than 20 minutes and compared to the price paid this was not sufficient. The quality of teaching received was also not of the standard expected for Endeavour pupils.

  • Action: Mr Knight will enquire into the use of a minibus, once he has completed the minibus driving test, and this will run as an after school club. Mrs Mason has a link with the Dolphin swimming pool in Filton and will enquire into this further.

 2. Water Bottles. Parents are concerned the children are not drinking enough water throughout the school day.

  • Action: Miss Cooke will speak to the PTA regarding purchasing a clear branded water bottle for all pupils. The first bottle will be donated and any additional ones can be purchased through the front office.

3. Monthly Newsletter. Parents felt this was sufficient in providing them with the information needed and fortnightly ones repeated a lot of information so wasn’t read.

  • Action: Miss Cooke will continue to produce a monthly newsletter but will use parentmail more frequently for reminders about events.

4. Back to School BBQ. It was agreed that this was a huge success this year and the activities run alongside the BBQ made a more enjoyable experience. The weather helped.

  • Action: Next year the BBQ will be held a week earlier and pre ordering of food won’t be necessary.

18th September 2018

1. The feedback from the start of the year has been positive. Children are settled in their new classes. The parents went on a tour of the school with JHB. Feedback about the new toilet block was universally positive. The school was calm and settled with children working purposefully.

2. Positives this year:

  • An employee from JUMP said that children from Little Mead were always well behaved and were a credit to the school.
  • PTA turnout is growing. The meeting with JC in the White Lion was a good idea and allowed new members to attend.    
  • The parents said again that they would like a secondary school that children who attend our Primary school could attend. This could be called Big Mead.

3. Areas for improvement:

  • Parents were happy with the classes being mixed. Some parents thought that the communication (about the classes being split) was a bit last minute and some children were left upset about not being with friends.

Action: If classes are split or mixed next year, parents will be informed about this the week before. It was made clear that this would not be a forum for parents to choose who they would like their child to be with – just a communication that this would be happening.

  • Some parents were concerned that their children were not drinking enough in the day. Would water bottles be allowed in classes?

Action: Water bottles are not allowed – children do have access to cups and water though out the day. We have tried allowing bottles in the past, however some children unfortunately brought fizzy or unhealthy drinks. The PTA will consider financing clear, branded bottles.

  • Reception parents have noted that there seemed to be a lot of children crying in early morning work. Could children who attended Little Mead nursery start after the children from other settings?

Action: No. Getting children who attended LM nursery in first allows a seamless transition from Nursery to Reception. Children who take longer to settle, from other EY settings, come in afterwards.

  • In some classes, morning work is displayed on the interactive board. When lots of parents attend it can be difficult to see the board. Could the children have a paper copy of the resource?

Action: Yes – teachers could print resources for the children. Please can you let your child’s class teacher know if this is an issue.

7th March 2018

Rewards. The children have begun receiving their awards and each coloured sticker chart equates to a different prize.

Parent Mail. Feedback showed that this has been popular amongst parents and we are looking forward to maximising its potential in the near future.

Water Fountains. Suggestions were made about the possibilities of having water fountains in the playground. This has been suggested in the past, however it involves extensive work to the playground and there are health and safety risks to consider.

Handwriting Licenses. Some children are becoming disheartened about not receiving their handwriting licenses. It was suggested that we explain to the children HOW to achieve their handwriting pen as a way of encouraging them. Please keep an eye out for a copy of the criteria.