Parents' Forum

Why not come along and have your say? We start the meeting with some positives –‘What’s going well?’ We then move on to ‘What would make things better?’ Over the years we have had some great suggestions from the Parents’ Forum and we have acted on lots of the ideas. The forum is a constructive meeting space for parents. It’s not the place to bring a complaint. There is a formal policy for this but in the first instance any complaint should be brought to the Headteachers or a member of the senior leadership team and we will do our best to resolve it.

Here are some of the topics covered in previous meetings.


7th March 2018

  • Rewards. The children have begun receiving their awards and each coloured sticker chart equates to a different prize.
  • Parent Mail. Feedback showed that this has been popular amongst parents and we are looking forward to maximising its potential in the near future.
  • Water Fountains. Suggestions were made about the possibilities of having water fountains in the playground. This has been suggested in the past, however it involves extensive work to the playground and there are health and safety risks to consider.
  • Handwriting Licenses. Some children are becoming disheartened about not receiving their handwriting licenses. It was suggested that we explain to the children HOW to achieve their handwriting pen as a way of encouraging them. Please keep an eye out for a copy of the criteria. 

19th September 2017

  • The Pupil Leadership introduced their focus for the year. They intend on fundraising through the collection of unwanted clothing to get some wet play resources (dominoes, chess, craft materials).
  • Miss Ware was introduced as the new SENCo.
  • The CEO of the Endeavour Academy Trust joined us to talk about the plans for the year. These plans include the building of Charlton Wood Primary Academy, and Fonthill officially joining the Trust.
  • Parents discussed their new classes, reading with their children at home, the current uniform ordering system and the recording of class performances.
  • For next time: think about some 'frequently asked questions' which could help new or existing parents. This would sit on the website (here).

4th May 2017

  • Tom Lewis-White, School Business Manager, presented and took questions on the changes to the funding of schools.
  • Parents discussed the success of the Year 4 camp whilst appreciating some first-glances at the photographs from the Forest of Dean.
  • The Reception team received positive feedback from a parent for helping to settle her child.
  • Certificates, sports activities and Little Mead's Got Talent were discussed.

31st January 2017

  • The seamless transition with the changeover of Head Teachers.
  • Endeavour Academy Trust expansion.
  • The use of bouncy castles and the school’s behaviour policy.
  • Alternative meeting times to cater to different parents.
  • Uniform standards in school.
  • Developments in the plans for a running track on the field.
  • School dinner menus, quantity and quality.
  • ‘Start the Year’ letters for any mid-year staffing changes.
  • The upcoming e-safety workshop scheduled for 23rd February 2017.

29th November 2016

  • The Chair of the Little Mead Primary Academy Local Governing Body attended and introduced himself and outlined his role.
  • The change in headship – everyone thanked Ms Daykin for all her hard work and looked forward to a smooth transition with Miss Cooke and Mr Howarth-Brown.
  • The ‘Mile a Day’ run.
  • The morning running club.
  • Class certificates and celebration assemblies.
  • Sports clubs for girls.
  • New schools joining Endeavour Academy Trust.
  • Police officers visited to discuss the parking issues.