Year 6


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Welcome to Year 6!

Y6 is a great year group – we are the oldest (and hopefully the wisest) classes in the school. This last year at Little Mead is a very important one where we have to prove ourselves in our SATs and prepare for our transition to secondary school. We are now mature enough to take on extra responsibilities around the school and to set a good example for the younger children. This is why you will be able to spot us looking smart in our ties. Y6 is also jam packed with fabulous experiences; such as our trip to London, camp and of course our leavers show! Keep checking this page to see our news.

Year 6 Downloads and Resources:

Term 4

Y5_t4Year 6 are getting ready for another jam-packed term full of great learning opportunities. SATs are just around the corner so it’s full steam ahead

We will be getting our teeth in to a brilliant book by Louis Sachar ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ for some of our English lessons. We will be spending one afternoon per week playing and applying our skills in Maths games. The main focus of this term is our science topic – Electricity. We will be finding out about circuits and the precautions needed when working with electricity. As part of this topic, we will have the exciting opportunity of designing and making a fantastic electrically powered car.

It’s going to be an exciting term!

Term 3

y6_t3What a busy end to 2017! The children sang brilliantly in the school carol service – we were all very proud of them!

Term 3 will be packed with exciting learning and opportunities for all the children to enjoy. We are looking forward to our topic all about Ghana, which is our focus country for the new Global Connections theme. We will study the beautiful artwork produced by Musah Swallah, which is inspired by the village life and abundant colours of Africa. y6_t3(2)Don’t forget to come and join in with our ‘International Day’ celebrations at the end of term!

In addition, we will be working extremely hard in lots of other subjects too! As well as Maths & English, we will be exploring the science behind how we see things.

It will be a busy term; we can’t wait to get started!

Term 2

This term we will be reading ‘Skellig’ which is a book which opens with a young boy finding a strange creature in his garage. Who could it be? Why is he there?

This term is a science focus term and we will be exploring changes in materials. We will also be taking part in fun science investigations, workshops and engineering challenges!

Using our knowledge of chemical reactions we will also be honing our cookery skills and creating artisan bread!

Term 1

This term we will be reading ‘Floodland’ by Marcus Sedgwick. It’s an exciting thriller about surviving in a devastated world. What will Zoe do in order to survive? In Maths, we will be working on our place value and building strong foundations in number to prepare us for our SATs. We will continue with our Maths Wizards challenges and we are looking forward to getting into our new reading challenge too!

As this term has a history focus, we will also be looking at the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and those who opposed it. We are very much looking forward to our trip to Wesley Chapel and Bristol Cathedral to explore this in more detail. In Science will be studying the human body in more detail and finding out what’s inside us all! We will also be looking at how the heart works.

Websites exploring slavery::

Websites exploring the human body: