Year 1


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Miss Newman

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Chown and Mrs Britton

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to the Year 1 page. We have lots of fun in Year 1 and have very busy days. We are lucky to have an outdoor classroom and children have free access between the indoor and outdoor learning environment. We also use the forest school and school grounds as much as possible.  We want every child to enjoy their time in school and a smooth transition from Reception to Year 1 is essential.

The children work in key groups and their key group leader will know each child very well. As the year moves on we will move to more whole class teaching once the children are ready for this style of learning. The children will take part in a range of child and adult led learning and we encourage all children to learn at their own rate taking into account different learning styles.

Year 1 Downloads and Resources:

Term 1

y1_t1(1)We begin the year with our history topic ‘Our Island Nation’. We are finding out about the famous Victorian nurse Florence Nightingale. Towards the end of the first term we will hold a Victorian school day.  On this day the adults and children will dress up like Victorians. The classroom will feel very different as the children sit in rows and are divided into boys and girls. The teachers will also be very strict and finger nails and hands will be checked regularly!

Our literacy will focus on two fiction stories called Farmer Duck and The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. Towards the end of the term we will explore non-fiction books on Florence Nightingale and the lives of Victorian children. We also learn a new nursery rhyme, poem or song each week.

During maths we will explore place value with numbers to 100, simple addition and subtraction, 2D shapes and measuring tools. We try to make maths as practical as possible. Children will investigate numbers and learn how to solve problems in different contexts.

In Year 1 we want all children to have a love of reading.  Just like in reception phonics is taught daily. The children play games, sing songs and read books to support them to enjoy reading and discover new worlds in books.  

During term 1 we ask children and parents to focus on reading as often as possible. The children can practise their phonics, read their school books or practise their key words. Parents can make notes in their child’s reading record and comment on their child’s progress.