Miss Jones

Miss Eade

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lovell, Mrs Palmer, Miss Dando, Mr Hasselt and Mrs Whatley

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Term 6 Curriculum Letter


100 High Frequency Words



  • In term 1 we learnt the sounds of these letters:

 s,a,t,p,i,n and m,d,g,o,c,k

  • We are following the 'Letters and Sounds' program to introduce sounds and tricky words.
  • We refer to the letter names (as you would sing in the alphabet song) and the sounds they make are from Jolly Phonics.
  • Have a look at the actions we have been learning.
  • In term 2 we learnt the sounds these letters make:

h,e,u,r,b,l,f and j,v,w,x,y,z

we also learnt that ck, ss, ff, ll, zz and qu are digraphs

(that's two letters making one sound!).

  • In term 3 we learnt a few more digraphs:

th, sh, ch, ng and then our vowel digraphs ai, ee, igh,

(this is a trigraph, that's three letters making one sound!) oa and oo.

  • In term 4 we will be learning these digraph and trigraph sounds: 

ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er.

  • We will be learning to read and spell words containing these sounds.
  • We will also be learning to read some more tricky words on our key word shapes.
  • We will be focussing on set 4 and 5 (diamond and rhombus words).

Common words that we find often in the books we read with the children

are 'here' and 'said'. These don't come up in our key word sets until a bit later,

but they are good ones to practice at home!