Miss Jones

Miss Eade

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lovell, Mrs Palmer, Miss Dando, Mr Hasselt and Mrs Whatley

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Miss Jones and Miss Eade are very excited to meet you all and very much looking forward to the year ahead with your children.   

We would like to emphasise how important it is for us all as parents, teachers and children to communicate regularly so that the best possible education is provided for each and every child in the class.  This said, Miss Dando, Mrs Lovell, Mrs Palmer, Miss Haynes, Miss Lyons and Mrs Whatley are also available at the start and end of each day. 

The first theme we will cover in class is ‘Our Island Nation’. We will be promoting an ethos of equality and mutual respect so everyone knows that they are valued and unique. We will be looking at this through the books Elmer, Aargh! Spider and Room on the Broom once our induction period is complete and the children have settled in. 

We would love to invite any parents or carers in that have particular skills that may benefit the children’s learning, for example last year a parent who is an illustrator came in to show the children books they had illustrated and how to draw animals.

We would be extremely grateful to any parents or carers who are able to volunteer to support readers - please let us know and we will pass on your details for this to be arranged.

 Just a reminder of some helpful housekeeping that will make the school day run more smoothly for us all!

- It is essential for your child to have their name in their clothing to prevent loss of items.  - Parents and carers are strongly encouraged to come into the classroom for the first 10 to 15 minutes each morning to read with their children and do some work in their red morning book (red books stay in school). This will be the case throughout the year and it would be great to see you all as often as possible. 

- When the children are settled we will invite you to come in for a presentation on reading and will explain about our bedtime library books system and our online ‘bug club’ accounts.

- Small reading books can go home daily and your child’s yellow reading record should be updated with a brief comment – we reward children who bring their book bag in every day! 

 As a school, we believe in the ethos ‘Together We Can’ so we endeavour to make this apparent in everything we do as a class. We value your contributions to your children’s learning and have some ‘home learning’ cards kept in class for you to fill out and bring in when your child does something amazing.  These will then be stuck into your child’s learning diary.

We look forward to working with you all over the next term,

The Reception Team.

Links and Downloads

Term 1 Curriculum Letter 2017-2018


100 High Frequency Words



  • In term 1 we learnt the sounds of these letters:

 s,a,t,p,i,n and m,d,g,o,c,k

  • We are following the 'Letters and Sounds' program to introduce sounds and tricky words.
  • We refer to the letter names (as you would sing in the alphabet song) and the sounds they make are from Jolly Phonics.
  • Have a look at the actions we have been learning.
  • In term 2 we learnt the sounds these letters make:

h,e,u,r,b,l,f and j,v,w,x,y,z

we also learnt that ck, ss, ff, ll, zz and qu are digraphs

(that's two letters making one sound!).

  • In term 3 we learnt a few more digraphs:

th, sh, ch, ng and then our vowel digraphs ai, ee, igh,

(this is a trigraph, that's three letters making one sound!) oa and oo.

  • In term 4 we will be learning these digraph and trigraph sounds: 

ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er.

  • We will be learning to read and spell words containing these sounds.
  • We will also be learning to read some more tricky words on our key word shapes.
  • We will be focussing on set 4 and 5 (diamond and rhombus words).

Common words that we find often in the books we read with the children

are 'here' and 'said'. These don't come up in our key word sets until a bit later,

but they are good ones to practice at home!