Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Nursery 2017/18

It has been lovely to welcome all your children into Nursery and to see them settling in.  This term we have been getting to know each other and the environment.  We have also begun to look at Autumn and changes that they can see in the world around them.  We have started to learn Nursery Rhymes together too. Visiting the Forest and holding the Guinea Pigs has been very popular. Next term we shall start to look at winter, traditional tales and have lots of Christmas fun!

Reading Books

Your child will now have a reading book in their book bag and a yellow reading record.  We encourage you to share a book with your child every day.  Take time to look at the cover and title, let your child handle the book and turn the pages, point at the words from left to right, talk about the pictures, find letters they know in the text.  You can record this in the reading record.  If you wish to change the book the box is kept on the table in the cloakroom area.


Please fill in a house if your child does something new or special at home.  For example this may be talking about a book, counting to a higher number or naming some shapes, exploring how something works, completing a puzzle or game on the computer independently, riding a bike, sharing with friends and family, helping to do something at home, noticing something about the environment when playing outside, achieving a goal at a club (dancing, swimming).  Write these on a house, pass them to your child’s Key Worker and we shall add them to the diary.  If you need more please ask.

Miss Dawe and the Nursery Team.

Important Nursery Dates - Nursery A (Mon - Wed)

Please check back for new dates.

Important Nursery Dates - Nursery B (Wed - Fri)

Please check back for new dates.


Please come and ask us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support.  Miss Dawe and the Nursery Team.

Curriculum Plan- Nursery Term 3

This is the work that the children will be covering this term in the Nursery.  The focus is: Where we live, Special People including people who help us, Weather/ winter into spring.

Please see us if you have any questions.

Characteristics of Effective Learning:

Use senses to explore

Pretend objects are things from their experiences

Initiate activities

Maintain focus upon an activity

Think of ideas
Plan activities and take risks
Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Taking turns and playing together

Being aware of others needs and feelings

Form relationships

Communication and Language, Literacy:

Speaking in simple sentences

Asking how and why questions

Re-telling events from own experiences

Talk about the pictures in books

Re-tell stories in their own words

Physical Development:

Improving large motor skills on the Jungle gym, bikes and scooters, moving to music and songs

Holding brushes, pencils, crayons to make marks and start to draw recognisable features/ letters/ numbers


Number songs/ reciting numbers. Counting objects, finger matching.  Saying how many without counting

Be able to give 1/2/3 more or take 1/2/3 away


Describing shape, size and position of objects

Understanding the World:

Use language to talk about their family and special times

Use language to talk about what they see and feel

Look at winter and changes in the environment

Expressive Arts and Design:

To choose their own favourite nursery rhymes and songs, explore how colours and sounds can be changed

How you can help at home:

Encourage your child to speak in sentences

Count objects around them every day, spoons, stairs, parked cars, say how many if the amount is changed

Listen to music and sing favourite rhymes, e.g. Twinkle Little Star

The adult draws a picture and talks about it and encourages the child to do this at the same time.  Find and read letters on signs e.g. at the shop
Read to your child every day.  Discuss the pictures.  Point out the letters and words.  Find letters from their name in words


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