Year 3


Mrs Mason (to see Mrs Mason's new teacher letter please click here)

Mr Brown

Mr  Boocock (to see Mr Boocock's new teacher letter please click here)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Gray

Welcome to Year 3!

We have an exciting year ahead, with lots of great opportunities for learning both in and outside of the classroom. We will be encouraging the children to become more independent and imaginative learners who take real pride in the work they do. Over the course of the year will explore a range of fascinating topics as well as our mathematics, reading and writing!

The Year 3 school day is a busy one. It starts promptly at 8:45 with our morning work. Please make sure your child is in school for 8:45am so they do not miss any valuable learning time.

Please keep an eye out for future updates throughout the year!

Year 3 Downloads and Resources:

  • Year 3 Word List

  • Year 3 Curriculum Letter